Sunday 14 January 2007

oh it’s my only joy....

Note to self: the festive period is now over and it's about time I endured a few days off the sauce.

Last week, I managed to go out something like 5 days out of 7. I went to two pub quizzes, a meal out with some old friends, a meal with some colleagues and a night out on the lash in Hinckley to wish Statue John bon voyage for his trip to Australia (he leaves next week). We also had Hen and Bargs round for dinner on Friday night too, and managed to get through a couple of bottles of wine over a hotly contested game of Trivial Pursuit. I would say that I was only in any way drunk at one of those events, but I drank at all of them nonetheless. If memory serves me correctly, I had a glass of wine on the other day too.

I exercised on 6 of the last 7 days, but somehow I still feel bloated, so it's time for a few days off, I think. Between now and Saturday, I'm going to give my liver a rest and see if it makes me feel any better.

Can't do any harm, eh?


  1. I always think it's unfortunate that we all cut back/detox/whatever in January and February which are the most miserable months of the entire year. I feel like I NEED wine and chocolate to see me through to the end of this rubbish month. (Even if I have to pay for them on my credit card as it's now five long weeks since money last entered my bank account.)

  2. Isn't it amazing how something that makes you pee so much, can leave you feeling bloated. Bizarre.

    I had a thought about blogger and their attempt to convert people. I tried and it rejected me as well. I wondered if it's because of the linked blog that's on our accounts. But, of course, they don't address that in the "why won't stupid Blogger let me play" memo.

  3. One of my friends was hospitalized during his chemotherapy, and so he wasn't drinking...his liver function (there had been cancer in his liver), improved so much that week the doctor's were amazed. It's a wonder what just going off the sauce now and again can do for your body.

  4. I was all set to do exactly the same thing.

    Then Monday ruined it.

    Oh well, maybe I could start today...