Thursday 15 February 2007

... but he never meant shit to me

I probably should have mentioned this earlier in the week, but Bob Dylan is taking his turn “In The Dock” over at The Art of Noise, and I was the mug who agreed to prosecute.

In The Dock” is a fantastic feature and over the weeks it has stimulated some interesting debate. One thing that has really started to bug me though is the fact that it seems nigh on impossible to carry out a successful prosecution. It all started off so promisingly when we had a hung jury with The Beatles in the very first case. Since that exciting start, I think that only “Misogynistic Hip-Hop” has been sent down, and that was a bit of a no-brainer. I don’t know if the readers of The Art Of Noise are especially conservative, but there does seem to be a tendency to take the feature way, way too seriously. The way the Bob Dylan debate is currently going, you’d think that if he were found guilty, our Bob would actually be sentenced to death or something. He’s not a sacred cow – I’m fairly sure that he can be convicted and that he will survive the insult.

So anyway. Go over there and vote. I don’t much care if you agree with me or if you decide to acquit… you are all entitled to a vote, so for heaven's sake go and make use of your mandate.

Just remember that it’s only for fun, kids!


  1. The Levellers were sent down too. Again, though, something of a no-brainer...

    I'm not sure it's a matter of people being conservative - I'd prefer to see it as people being naturally inclined to see the best in things rather than the worst.

    You're right, though - as good as the feature is (and the comments box debates are often still lively), the outcomes are becoming predictable.

  2. you're right Ben - it probably is because people tend to see the best in people. That's a good character trait generally, but it does make the debates a touch boring when people talk about how they insinctively want to prosecute, but end up wimping out. It's the "Crazy in Love" argument, isn't it? Because I like one r'n'b song, I won't prosecute a genre I otherwise dislike.

    I sometimes wonder how closely some commentators read the arguments before voting as well!


  3. done.

    Miserable old duffer.

    (Dylan, not you)

  4. Even if the rest of Dylan's back catalogue was shit -which it isn't- he deserves a get out of jail free card just for Like a Rolling Stone!