Thursday 22 February 2007

They say cream cannot help but rise up to the top....*

Post of the Week

If you have seen any good blog posts this week, do be sure to go and nominate them over at the Post of the Week site. You may have a preconception that it's not worth the effort as the same old blogs will always get nominated and the same old people will always win.

Well, here's the thing: Post of the Week will only ever be as good as the posts that are nominated each week. You can have a direct influence on that: if you see something good, go and nominate it. If you don't nominate, it will never be considered. For starters, our very own Mr. Mark Reed has been nominated this week.... (and if memory serves me correctly, he's been nominated before too).

The timetable works something like this:

-> nominations will close on Friday night
-> the shortlist will be published on Saturday
-> this week's judges will send in their votes, and the winner will be announced on Sunday night.

You can get involved simply by nominating, of course, but if you really want to get stuck in, I believe that the site is looking for some more volunteers to be judges. I'm on the rota already and Sarah joined a couple of weeks ago. It's good fun, and you are guaranteed to read at least one humdinger of a post every week. Go on, get involved. You know you want to. I bet you've read some cracking posts this week.

Why don't you nominate one of them?

Here endeth the lesson.

* don't think too hard about the next line to this song.... that's not what I meant at all.

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