Monday 26 March 2007

beep beep! beep beep! yeah!

Amidst all the entirely understandable excitement of my first day back in the office for more than three weeks, I had to drag myself away early at a little after 4pm.

The reason?

I picked up my new car.

So far I have driven him the grand total of about 6 miles and have already given my stupid brain plenty of trivial things to worry about.

Even so, I think it's pretty cool....

I had no plans to assign this car a name - it's just a car, right? Why would a car need a name? But somehow my car has already acquired a name. When the dealer rang me up to offer me a choice of three different number plates, I chose the first one he mentioned because I didn't much care. I got home that night and C. asked me what plate I had chosen. Her instant response when I told her? She turned around with a big smile on her face.
"Vynnie? Vynnie the MINI!"

The reason for her excitement? The number plate I had chosen ends with the three letters "VYN". Something I hadn't given a moment's thought to until that second. They were just letters. In that instant those three letters became a name.

So now I drive a car called Vynnie the MINI.

What can you do?

Right. Enough procrastinating! Write that damn holiday post man.


  1. Nice choice of wheels and in the right colour if you don't mind me saying so.

    My old-style mini (my first car) was best described as 'Walkers Cheese And Onion Packet Blue' which led to the logical (in my mind) name of 'Max.'

    You see, one of the Blue Meanies in 'Yellow Submarine' was called Max, and I had a... um... blue Mini. It made sense to me, anyway.

    Hope all is well with your Dad (I tried to comment ages ago but Blogger was being an arse). The holiday sounds great.

    (Go easy with me on the Glastonbury thing BTW - to be honest you may win with a defence of 'It's great!')

  2. Gah! If you'd waited til next week, you could have got an extra month of tax. Another good reason to pick up a car on the first of the month!

  3. Nice wheels...

    You're not going to win the girl car/boy car argument if you call it Vynnie though! ;-)

  4. I can hardly call it Dave though, can I?

  5. It looks ace, but I can't help of being reminded of this episode of the Simpsons.

    heh heh heh.

  6. Nice car, but I thought vehicles traditionally had lady names?

  7. Over 4 years in the motor trade and I still never understood the whole 'naming' thing.

  8. You name boats, don't you, Bedshaped? And planes.

    Cars should be named after
    a) the saints day of their birth
    b) a name formed from their number plate
    c) a play on their model name.

    So as Vinnie ticks both B and C, an excellent name. Unfortunately St Vincents day is 19 January, or you could have a triple whammy

  9. My very good friend Julia has a sea-foam green mini with white leather interior. Last summer, as luck would have it, my car was scheduled to be in the repair shop during the few weeks when Julia would be in Fiji. She allowed me to borrow it on one condition: I must obey the unspoken law of the obligatory "mini wave," in which all mini owners wave at one another in acknowledgement of their shared ideals.. She was right. The waves were present right off the bat.