Thursday 19 April 2007

Thursday I don't care about you...

Last week, someone tried to tell me that Thursday was the best day of the week. I have to admit that I was a touch confused by this and felt that it was something of a controversial choice. For myself, I've always liked that feeling you get on a Friday that the whole weekend is stretching out in front of you.... but perhaps that's too obvious and I was missing out on something? I had to know:

"How do you work that out then?
"Because you are as far away from a Monday as you can be."

I thought about that for a moment. I think that's a fairly negative view of the week. I myself am no great lover of Mondays - the looming presence of Monday is often enough to ruin a perfectly good Sunday evening - but do I hate Mondays enough to make being as far away from them as possible my only criterion for choosing my favourite day of the week? No, that seems to be going too far. It's too simplistic. Is Thursday a better day of the week than Saturday simply because it is further away from Monday? Does the fact that Thursday itself is part of the working week not count against it? Saturday may be closer to Monday, but for most people they at least get to lie around in bed for a bit before pulling on some jeans and perhaps wandering into town for a potter around the shops before coming home for some nice tea and maybe a bottle of wine. I agree that Friday itself is nominally a working day, but it's a comfortable kind of working day when everyone is just that bit more relaxed, perhaps even wearing business casual and bringing in cakes. Long lunches that would be considered unacceptable on a Thursday are pretty much the norm on a Friday.... not to mention the fact that everyone leaves work early and Friday night is the best possible place to view the weekend stretching out before you.

Thursday? Well, it's alright.... but is it really anything special?

And anyway, the whole theory is bollocks. How can it be true in a seven day week?

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday ->
THURSDAY<- Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Thursday has two clear days on one side from a Monday, and three on the other.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday ->
FRIDAY<- Saturday - Sunday - Monday

Could you not therefore stake a claim for Friday as being equally far away from a Monday?

Or am I over-thinking this?


  1. On the flip-side, I think Tuesday's the most rubbish day. It's far enough into the week for the weekend to seem like a distant memory, and far enough away from the following weekend to make it feel like it's going to be AGES til Friday. Wednesday is known as "the hump day" in my office, as you've broken the back of the working week by that stage.

    Guilty of overthinking? You and me both.

  2. Someone told me a few months ago that Tuesday is the worst day, but for different reasons.

    Monday - You talk about what your weekend was like.
    Tuesday - Nothing much happens.
    Wednesday - Halfway through the week. All downhill from 12 noon!
    Thursday - You think about what a great weekend you'll be having.
    Friday - You talk to all and sundry about your plans for the weekend.

    So, there is some truth that Tuesday is the worst day.

    Overthinking? Must be catching.

  3. Tuesday's as far from Monday as possible. You can't go back in time. But Monday's are good: sometimes they're bank holidays.

    Road Congestion is worst on Wednesdays.

  4. Thursdays have never been good to me.

    I like Tuesdays.

  5. A very thorough day of the week analysis, ST and commenters.

    As for me, I think Wednesday is the worst. By Wednesday I am worrying that I won't have enough time to get things done before the weekend, and they'll carry over and spoil my weekend fun. On Monday and Tuesday, I am still optimistically procrastinating. :)

  6. Tuesdays are the most rubbishist

  7. I thank Crunchie for Fridays - though the honeycomb STILL gets stuck in my teeth.

    I used to dread Sundays, as it meant work on Monday. But now I just use Monday as a planning tool to ease my route to Friday...and that Crunchie.

  8. Ha ha ha ha! I'm a Friday girl... but that's because I don't work fridays.

    And yes-- overthinking a bit.