Sunday 13 May 2007

action is his reward....

I've just spent much of the afternoon swinging around New York, climbing skyscrapers and fighting crime.... all the while juggling the demands of my studies, my part-time jobs at a pizza parlour and as a photographer for the local paper and dealing with my heartache over my apparently unrequited crush on the girl next door.

I'm 33 years old. That's not too old to be playing Spider-Man 2 on my Playstation is it?

Is it?

Is it really?

Is it so bad I got a bit excited when I saw that in the new game you get to wear the black costume?


Shame the film is a bag of shit though, eh?


  1. If your too old at 33 to be playing Spider man, than what does it say about me at 41, that I'm still playing it too?

  2. I say you're never too old. :) At least until arthritis prevents you from holding the controller...

  3. Ha ha... Maybe you swung past my house. I'm not far from the Chrysler Building. :)