Tuesday 1 May 2007

it's not a job to do today....

I was sat at my desk a little after 7pm this evening when I had a sudden revelation: that additional responsibility that I am being given as a result of my promotion? (Yes, it turns out that there was a catch to that). It comes in the form of a full-time job. Maybe that's not so very surprising. I am taking this job on from someone who spent almost all of their time doing it. It's a step up for me, and I will now be responsible for managing delivery against a budget of over £1m. I will be expected to work with lots of people from lots of different companies, and I will be personally accountable for successful delivery of a number of projects.

So far, so good.

It's quite a big job. Big enough for my predecessor to have a couple of people in her team to help her out. I'm not getting the team. It's just me... but that's okay too. I'm capable enough, I think.

All of this wasn't my dawning realisation though. Oh no. The dawning realisation was that I am being expected to do all of this in addition to my existing full time job. That existing full time job is to be responsible for gathering the detailed IT requirements for one of the biggest mergers in European history.... work which was already taking up rather more than my contracted 37.5 hours a week and which is really going to ramp up from tomorrow as the board finally make some decisions and allow me to start work properly.

Well, they did give me a small pay rise, so now they OWN ME, right?.

Work? It's proper bobbins, innit?


  1. That's rough. It's funny how a tiny pay raise entitles them to make you do the job of 3+ people...because pay someone means there are more hours in the day?

    I think that as compensation, they should provide everyone on your blogroll with a free laptop.


  2. It doesn't matter what IT resources you request, the powers that be will decimate them. So don't bother researching it. Just make up an absurdly high number

  3. Work is, indeed, proper bobbins. I have been given a huge, new project on top of my usual workload, and NO payrise. Not a penny. Naturally, this news inspired me to spend all day playing solitaire and faffing around online.

  4. You got a pay rise? There is a guy at the place I work for who didn't get a pay rise for 5 years. It wasn't even that he was sh*t at his job. The Company just decided that he was so mild and inoffensive that he would put up with it, and more fool him, he did.

    Work. Bobbins indeed. Takes up far too much of my time, and yours it seems like.

  5. Too much of everyone's time, I think.

  6. It is indeed proper bobbins...but it's about time you started to be challenged, isn't it?

  7. Today's work culture seems to revolve around making a lot of bother and noise, threatening to bring in Work Arbitration companies in an attempt to settle disputes - as a matter of standard.

    It's a horrible position to be in, because *you* just want to get on and do the best job you can.

    Your company, on the other hand, wants to make the *most* it can of you whilst paying as little as possible.

    I alwsays make noise now. Only because it makes them scratch their heads and gives pause to their thinking they own you.

  8. Show them how great you are ST, and you'll be climbing that corporate ladder in no time.