Wednesday 23 May 2007

kick off your sunday shoes....

What is it about men and flip-flops?

I'm not a massive fan of flip-flops generally, to be honest. I can see how they're practical when you are in the showers at the gym or on the beach or something, but beyond that I haven't really got any use for them.

So why have men started wearing them around town? Perhaps it's just Nottingham, but I see it all the time: guys wandering around town with over-sized sunglasses, gelled hair, fitted t-shirts, designer jeans and wearing flip-flops.


It's not as though Nottingham is the sunniest city in the world or anything, but the weather doesn't seem to make a jot of difference. It can be pissing with rain and still you see these people, flaunting their dirty feet to the world.

I just don't get it.

They're not that comfortable, they're not that practical and -- let's be honest -- most men simply don't have feet that should be seen in public.

Is this the modern metrosexual male in action?

If so, I'm simply not having it.

David Beckham has got a lot to answer for.


  1. No, flip flops are a common sight in Mediterranean and African countries, especially South Africa. They keep your feet cool (I mean, today's male wouldn't like sweaty feet would he now.)

    Wearing socks with sandals or flip flops? Now, there's a crime...

  2. Feet are no things of beauty, but they definitely look better on display if they're buffed and pedicured with painted toe-nails. In short, on women.

    Co-incidentally, I dug my trusty flip flops out today - weather permitting my (perfectly pretty, or as pretty as feet can be) feet may get an airing tomorrow.

  3. People (both men and women) have been wearing flip flops in Dallas (and I assume the rest of the US) for years. I have even seen men wearing them during the winter. I don't understand it, either. Wearing flip flops with any non-beach outfit makes it look like one had to rush out of the house before finishing getting dressed.

    And what's with jeans that are 2-3" too long?

  4. I love my flip flips (or thongs as we call them here in Aussie-land). I think they may be the most comfortable shoes I own. True there is the ventilation thing, but it's also that your feet can splay out and aren't squished into the confined of enclosed shoes. Maybe it's just because I have small feet that are quite wide at the balls of the feet.

    And yep, I do wear them in winter with jeans. But then we are talking about a Brisbane winter here - it's probably quite similar to your summer! :p

  5. As someone who's recently arrived in Australia, I have quite the chuckle about flip-flops being called Thongs. You wouldn't have them called that in England, eh?

    For the most part I wear flip flops simply because they're convenient. Mind you, I've only worn them:

    On the beach
    In India
    In Australia

    Wearing them down to HMV is just not the done thing, old boy!

  6. They're worn here in CT all the time, by both sexes, from Spring- Autumn.

    They're extremely comfortable, airy, and convenient to slip on and off. They should only be worn in casual situations; they shouldn't be worn when going out to a nice dinner, for example. But most of the time, they're perfectly acceptable. Depending on the design, they can even qualify as Casual Chic.

    Naturally, it's much better when a person's feet aren't gnarly, but we can't have everything. Everyone's feet need to breathe I guess. *G*

  7. Flip flops are all over NY, although I think it's kind of gross-- I don't wear them (except for a quick run across the street to the deli or something), but I'd be surprised if people didn't ended up with blackened feet by the end of the day. Especially in the subways... yuck!


  8. Flip-flops are, of course, very Californian.

  9. Flip flops? No f*cking way!

  10. It's not just Nottingham. I wear flip-flops when it's hot; what do you wear, socks and trainers? Please tell me you don't wear trainers with shorts...

    Pretty much the whole west cost of the US wears flip-flops year-round. My sister-in-law's boyfriend from Seattle wore his flip flops when we went walking on a glacier!

  11. The biggest drawback to flipflops, for me, is the inability to kick something without hurting the toes.

  12. I'm a guy who lives in Brisbane and absolutely love wearing flip flops all year round. I wear them to the shopping mall, movies and sometimes to a casual dinner. Lots of other guys do too. They let your feet breathe.