Sunday 20 May 2007

tonight we're going to rock you tonight....

Having already displayed my geekish tendencies by spending much of last week playing Spider-Man II, I'm maybe a little reluctant to tell you about this....

Oh, go on then.

I spent several hours yesterday evening pretending that I am a rock god.

Sad, yes... but in my defence, it wasn't just me.

Sarah turned out to be an absolute natural.

...and Lord B kept being asked by the crowd to play encores (even if he had never heard "Tonight We're Going To Rock You Tonight" before. I really must sit him down in front of Spinal Tap)

Hen instinctively understood the crucial role of the "rock face" as the solo reaches its climax.

...whilst C. preferred a more "classical" style.

Guitar Hero is a very, very silly game indeed (do you think anyone under the age of 30 actually buys this?).

And as a direct and somewhat unfortunate consequence of the game soundtrack, I am now also earworming some of the most ridiculous heavy metal: "Strutter" by Kiss. "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas. "Woman" by Wolfmother. "Them Bones" by Alice In Chains....

What's not to like?

Photos taken by Hen and Sarah and available here and here. An excellent evening.


  1. Hey my son Jim,who is 22, has Guitar Hero - and he plays it for hours on end with his student mates. He tried to get his Dad and I to have a go but we were far too stupid / old - or possibly sober - to be any good at it. Jim is a compete Guitar Hero God in the Jimi Hendrix mould - he hasn't tried setting fire to his "guitar" yet fortunately.

  2. Sadly I catagorise Music games in the same section as Sports games...

    I can never understand why you would play a game on something that you could actually try and do in real life.

    Swinging around the skyscrapers of New York as Spiderman? No

    Playing in a band/playing football? ...Err...

    Mind you, this comic strip neatly answered that for me...

  3. I heart Guitar Hero. And I'm under 30. :P

  4. Did you make a soundtrack? And when will it be available? *G*

    Looks like you all had a great time!

  5. Crucifer, you make a good point but the good thing about the games is that you don't actually have to be any good to play the games.

    4 hours in a room with me and a real guitar and you'd be gouging your ears out. Guitar Hero on the other hand...

    Lovin' C's classical pose, it almost looks like she's playing a different, more civilised game! :-)