Wednesday 27 June 2007

it ain't over 'til it's over....

Bored of Glastonbury yet?

Too bad. I'm not.

I've just been watching some of the BBC highlights on Barg & Hen's Sky+ box (kindly served with a tasty risotto and some pear cider to satisfy my cravings). My overwhelming feeling at the moment is that I want to go back and do it all over again - rain, mud and everything.

Hell, in some light, even the mud looks beautiful.

I think that maybe you should read someone else wittering on about the festival for a change. What do you say? After all, there's so much going on, that pretty much every single person who went will have a different take on it.

Let's see:

-> Sarah has just put up some of her fabulous photos

-> Hen shares her thoughts on her first experience of an English festival (she mentions the rain once or twice though)

-> Lord Bargain shares his festival highlights. In spite of what you may have read, not everyone thought Mika was shit. Well, at least one person didn't anyway.

-> Ben has just kicked off his festival review. Expect a rave review of CSS on the Other Stage any time now.

-> In fact, Glastonbury is such a good festival that Ian even finds time to leave Plusnet alone for a bit, and I believe he was actually seen smiling....!

-> Here's the BBC site (I hear they had some great bloggers...)

-> Here's the Guardian

-> and don't miss Charlie Brooker writing about his first festival for the Guardian

"Imagine forcing the cast of Emmerdale to hurriedly construct Las Vegas at gunpoint in the rain. Then do it again. And once more for luck. That's Glastonbury: a cross between a medieval refugee camp and a recently detonated circus".

I want to go back and watch Iggy and the Stooges now. And The Twang. And Editors.... and so on. I also wouldn't mind seeing some of the bands I did see all over again. John Fogerty looked brilliant on t'telly!

Having watched their set now, I think you can keep the Killers though.

And here's a discussion point for you: does Jo Whiley look brilliant or like a Terrahawk? I can't quite decide....


  1. Have you seen the watch and listen feature on the BBC site. Bang goes Thursday.

  2. Do you think Sarah would mind if I borrowed some of her photos and credited her? Or, better still, could you email me her email address and I'll ask her directly? Some of them are great - just the sort of general shots that would be useful to accompany my diary, rather than pictures of the pissed-up idiots we spent much of the weekend being...

  3. Some? Whaddya mean, 'Some'? ;-)

    Of course - you're more than welcome, Ben. Please feel free to use any of the pictures of the pissed-up idiots we were...and the more 'scenic' shots if you like. Appreciate the credit though.

    If you want to email - and ST hasn't already passed on my address then it's in my profile.


    ps - apologies for the multiple comment deletions. My ability to use the English language appears to have evaporated over the weekend.

  4. Jo Whiley is lovely!

  5. Tangent, but....WTF was with Amy Winehouse carving I love Blake into her stomach with a shard of glass??? Did she seem all crazy at Glasto?

  6. Jo Wiley annoys me, she goes on about how good the festival is standing on the side of the stage and sleeping in her winnebago...

    Sarah's photo's are really really good!!