Saturday 14 July 2007

and I swear...

I've just been to see Die Hard 4.0 (or "Live Free or Die Hard" if you like. I prefer the UK title, to be honest. It's simpler and has fewer "War on Terror" connotations).

What was it like?

Well, it was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Die Hard film. It was both very silly and very entertaining. Apparently people had been worried that the producers' decision to push for a PG-13 rating in the USA would mean that the film would be a somehow watered-down version of a Die Hard film.

Well, allow me to reassure you that this is definitively not the case. This is the most violent and blood-thirsty film of the whole sequence. Yeah, I know buildings and airports and subways and stuff all get blown up in the first three films, but that's somehow quite impersonal destruction. In this film, people get killed. Often quite indiscriminately. People get beaten. They get shot in the knee. They get chopped up in cooling fans.

So how exactly did this manage to get a PG-13 certificate and thus be available to that all important pre-teen audience?

They cut out the swearing.


There is notably less swearing in this film. Two "fucks", obviously including one "Yippee ki-yay motherfucker" right at the very end.

Does this affect the film? Not really. What really gets me though is that apparently lots of fairly indiscriminate violence is deemed to be okay for an impressionable young audience, but somehow swearing is totally unacceptable.


So blowing up buildings, shooting people and stuff is okay, but saying "fuck" is bad?


We're doomed. We really are doomed.

On the plus side, the soundtrack to the film very prominently features some Fogerty.... Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son", to be precise.

Yee haw!


  1. Yippie Ki-Ay Mother..*GUNSHOT*

  2. I would highly recommend renting the documentary "This film is not yet rated." It is rather frightening what a racket the whole movie rating thing is.

  3. For reasons I'd rather keep to myself, I watched Dusk Til Dawn 3 yesterday and in a similar vein, I was completely confused by the decision to blur the dancing girl boobs but leave intact the flesh-rending and faces getting blown off by sawn-off shotguns.

    But then, they are Devil's Dumplings, I suppose. My eyes may have burst into flames if I'd seen them.

  4. I caught Die Hard 4.0 last night and thoroughly enjoyed it (Die Hard is in my top 5 films!).

    I too noticed that the violence was a little more indiscriminate with anybody being a target, but I suppose that's just sequels where there has to be more of everything.

    Luckily I didn't really notice the lack of swearing which must mean I liked the film.