Thursday 26 July 2007

sex farm woman...

Just in case anyone was actually thinking about buying their new album, the Stereophonics have come up with a foolproof plan to make these people change their minds.

I think that is quite possibly the most repugnant album cover I have ever seen. It is quite stunningly awful.

Have these people never seen Spinal Tap?

"Smell the Glove" anyone?

Jesus. I knew they were shit already, but it's good of them to advertise their utter crassness to the whole world too.

Billy Bragg used to put stickers on all his records saying things like "Don't pay more than £4.99 for this album". I imagine that these idiots are putting stickers on this monstrosity saying "Self-awareness, maturity and any sense of irony not welcomed here."

Maybe the artwork says that eloquently enough already?


  1. the font is ok, the rest of it is vile.

  2. Seriously disturbing to think of the number of people that saw that image and still let it be released onto an unsuspecting public.

  3. i presume its meant to be a homage to the roling stones lips logo. Instead, I think it is an offence against the colour purple..oh, and horrendously sexist too. I mean, just how seriously are they trying to sabotage their own career with that? Oh, and Kelly Jones sticking out his third studio album (fourth in total) since feb 2005?