Tuesday 3 July 2007

tuesday's grey and wednesday too

I have spent all day today thinking that it was Wednesday.

I'm sure that somewhere in the rational part of my brain (assuming that there is one) I knew exactly what day it was: I still managed to turn up to all the right meetings and I even remembered my appointment this evening at the osteopath... but for some reason, today has just felt like a Wednesday.

Finding out that it was in fact only a Tuesday was something of an unpleasant surprise.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

I bet my whole week is out of sync now.



  1. I've had the same. I think it's because I had last Monday off for de-glastonburising.

  2. I often get like that on a Thursday, which is even more disappointing...

  3. Days have lost all meaning for me at the moment, I only knew it was Tuesday cos I took my boy to swimming.

  4. You must becoming an American, as our holiday, the 4th of July is Wednesday, and the parties have already started.