Sunday 1 July 2007

what's new pussycat?

We've had a new addition to the family.

She's called "Minou".

We went to the RSPCA rescue centre on Saturday and she chose us.

I heart her.

(more photos here... courtesy of Hen, of course)


  1. Oh she's awefully cute! How old is she? She looks fully grown in this photo, but I noticed that she looks pretty small in the other photos.

  2. She is beautiful!!! This put a smile on my face. :)


  3. She's a very photogenic kitty. How lovely for your family that you have the privilege to serve our cat overlords.

  4. the RSPCA reckon she's about 5 months old, and although she's pretty long in the body, she's still fairly small and obviously quite young. She was found wandering around the St. Anne's area of Nottingham a few weeks ago and taken into the rescue centre. I suppose you could say that now she's a West Bridgford cat, she's been moving up in the world.


  5. Tabbies rock, which I'm sure she's about to make clear.

    Apparently they're also the most bad tempered of cats, which I'm sure... etc.

    Only something that cute can get away with shitting in anybody's house.