Monday 20 August 2007

he ain't no drag....

We've just had my father-in-law staying with us a week.

I imagine that for lots of people, this could be something of a chore.... but as C's father lives in France, when he comes over to England, he wants to do all of the things that he can't really do when he's at home. So for the last seven days, I have mostly been:

-> going to the pub and drinking proper beer
-> having a curry
-> going to the chippie for a proper fish supper
-> watching Match of the Day
-> watching France vs England in the rugby and loudly supporting England
-> eating a full Stoke Breakfast of oatcakes, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheshire cheese

That kind of stuff.

As he also drove over from France, we now have a house full of delicious cheese and several bottles of really excellent wine that has been brought up from the cellar at home and "needs drinking now".

So you know, what's not to like about a visitor like that?

Mind you, I think he's always quite liked me from the moment on the drive back from the airport in France on my first visit when I asked if he minded if I tuned his car stereo into Radio 4 long wave to listen to Test Match Special. I don't think many of C's French boyfriends ever really understood cricket.

Their loss was my gain, I suppose.

Scattergories did take some explaining though....

(Incidentally, I get on very well with my mother-in-law too. She's not so big on football, it's true, but she's also excellent company.)

(....and I get on with C's brother)

(and I suppose I get on reasonably with their daughter too....she has her moments)


  1. Wow...

    So when the father in law comes in, you are forced to drink more beer, eat more fried foods, and watch sports.

    I can't imagine a better lifestyle.

  2. yup - that's about the long and the short of it. Tough life, huh? And he picked up my shoes from the cobblers too.

  3. hehe.

    you are lucky. but i think you know that.