Wednesday 8 August 2007

we've been up all night moving the goalposts...

In case you've been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you'll probably know that there is a massive sporting occasion going on in the England this weekend.


England will be taking on India in the third and final test match of the summer at the Oval. England will be hoping to snatch a win to share the series 1-1 and to protect their unbeaten record in home series since 2001.


Hold on.

The new Premier League season is kicking off too, apparently.

If you are remotely interested in this noble game (and a big hello at this point to any American readers who may have discovered the game in the last month or so) then you should be heading over to Cheer Up Alan Shearer. For my money, this is one of the best football blogs on the internet.

Oh alright then. Perhaps I should declare an interest at this point: this marvellous and insightful website is the brainchild of our very own Lord Bargain, although he is (occasionally) helped out by me and (very occasionally) by Flash.

If you get over there now, then you will be able to:

--> Marvel at the manifold marvellous contributions from several reknowned writers in the latest installment of the A-Z of football. I is for.... intelligence, injury time, international management, infiltration and Italia 1990.

--> Gasp in amazement at the stunning insight of ST's pre-season predictions. Or perhaps you will simply be stunned at how obvious they are.

--> Get involved in the Predictions League. Stun us all every week with your amazing ability to correctly predict the scores in every Premier League game. If you get started this week then you won't have so much ground to make up on Lord B.

Also look out for the moment when I put up that inevitable post where I say how I don't really like football anyway.....

Go and have a look. The Guardian football writers do... they steal ideas from us (well, from Lord B) all the time. Their most recent piece of thievery involves stealing the predictions league from us.



As you were.


  1. No no no no no.....
    You have it all wrong, Dhoni will come out on his own and win the match, batting at both ends and bowling and catching and even bringing himself drinks. Oh yes, he'll win the match and India will finally have an away win.

    But then again, he woke up, 1:1 is probably the right result. I want amazing slogfest innings though.

    As for the footy...cmon ya mancs. Yes, I'm for a great season, finally with three teams in it.

    Will be checking out, and ranting freely, on the footy blog. C ya there.

  2. The cheeky bastards! Rest assured I'll be boycotting theirs and sticking with CUAS, the original and best. Sure Paul'll do the same when he gets back from France having left all the pre-season preview gubbins to me...