Sunday 9 September 2007

hello sunshine, goodbye rain...

I don't know if you are familiar with Post of the Week or not. Here's a quick summary:


The mission.

1. To highlight great writing on personal blogs.

2. To draw attention to blogs that you might not have heard of before.

3. To point you to one absolute guaranteed humdinger of a blog post, once a week, every week.

How it works (in brief).

During the week, readers are invited to nominate their favourite blog posts.

At the end of the week, our editorial team creates a shortlist.

At the weekend, a team of judges – some staff, some guests – votes for their favourites.

On Sunday evening, the new Post Of The Week is announced.


This week's winner is especially good... so be sure to go and check it out.

Well done Hen! Richly deserved.

I hope this encourages people to get nominating. We all see great stuff on the blogs we read week in, week out. Nominate them so they get a chance of the wider exposure they so richly deserve.


I should add that Mark also made the shortlist this week, and his post is a cracker as well.


  1. "staff"?

    Since when did this self-congratulatory concept have "staff"...?!!!

  2. I was congratulating Hen, not anyone who has anything to do with POTW, but you focus on what you like here.

  3. *rolls eyes*

    No need to get quite so defensive, eh? From where I am sitting, all I am saying is that whilst it might be very nice of you to big up the winner, it's still basically an invitation for folk to get involved in what is, in my extremely humble opinion, a mutual blog clique back-slapping exercise.

    Since when have awards for people's personal diaries been important? Do I get an award because my shoes are cleaner than some of my colleagues this morning?

  4. I don't think anyone is claiming it's important are they? I think it says somewhere that it's "just for fun".

    I'm not trying to be defensive of POTW - after all, I got involved because I decided it was far too easy to keep my distance and say what a stitch up it all was, and thought I'd get stuck in to do what I could to try to contribute from outside of what I perceived as a a bit of a clique. From my point of view, I'm just saying that I'm pleased Hen won because it was a good post. I'm sure she doesn't need that kind of validation, and it's not as though it comes with a cash prize or anything... but it's nice though, isn't it? Why not focus on the quality of the winning post, rather than make a negative out of it?

    I can't help wondering why you nominated someone last week if you think it's all such a back-slapping exercise.

    (and everyone's shoes are cleaner than mine... they're a disgrace and I'm too lazy to polish them)