Tuesday 16 October 2007

going missing...

You might have noticed that, according to the gig list, I'm supposed to be spending Saturday night at the Rescue Rooms watching the mighty Los Campesinos!

Much though I love quirky, infectious Welsh rock, and good though they were in the pouring rain at Glastonbury this year, I'm afraid that I'm far more likely to be at the South Bank bar on Trent Bridge watching England take on South Africa in the Rugby World Cup Final.

I'm sure they'll be back soon enough.

C'est la vie, eh? (if C. will pardon my French...)

But how am I going to get my live music fix? I wonder if Nottingham legend Roy De'wired is playing the bar after the game? He always seems to be on.....(nice website, by the way Roy)

Ah no, he's in Tuscany playing at someone's wedding, so apparently it's Bad Dog:

"Very energetic 5-piece with mixed male and female vocals, rock and roll at its finest."


After the lord mayor's show?


  1. I once went to an (American) football game instead of a friend's wedding...so I think your decision is understandable.

  2. you could have had a fix of live music last night, had you wanted it that bad...