Thursday 18 October 2007

let's go outside.....part ii

It's high time we had the week's obligatory cat post, I think....

There can't be many more pathetic sights in the world than a cat's poor, mournful little face as it peers through a cat flap from the outside. Well, perhaps that's not quite as pathetic a sight as the owner of said cat on their hands and knees on the other side of the cat flap, trying to coax their pet inside with encouraging noises and freeze-dried prawns...

Oh bless her, but it appears that Minou is not the sharpest tool in the box. She knows how to get out (although she sometimes needs a bit of a reminder), but she seems unable to work out how to get back into the house, and generally sits mournfully outside, staring hopelessly at the little doorway that some part of her head is telling her is the way back into the house.

I'm sure she'll get there in time.

In other news, it turns out that -- thanks to the close attention of a particularly good photographer -- our cat may well become a superstar. The RSPCA like the pictures of her so much that they want to add them to their image library (or something... you'll have to ask Hen for the details). Minou was rescued by the RSPCA, of course, so perhaps it's fitting that they should be the ones to provide her with her first big break in the world of modelling.

I don't think I'll tell her just yet..... It'll only go straight to her head and, to be honest, I think she's got more than enough on her plate trying to work out the cat flap.

Turns out she's not the only cute cat in the world either....

There's always a younger model, eh?

Statler (on the chair, with the moustache) and Waldorf (in hand) are the latest additions to the Ultimate Olympian's family.... they're only nine weeks old, so still pretty small.... but cute, eh?

Tomorrow: a rather more manly discussion on rugby, music, pipe smoking and other such things.


  1. My cat, Lance, once went exploring in the back yard during a party we were having. I forgot he was out there until someone asked about him. I immediately went out the back gate and began checking under the bushes, which were about 5' from a busy road. I found him at the end of our property line, stalking something under the bush. I flushed him out and chased him along the bushes, trying to make sure he wouldn't dart into the street. When he got to the back gate, he stopped short and panicked, his way was blocked by an 8" tall blade of grass.

    Another example of his stupidity: We have a 2' gate which we use to block his access to our bedroom. The other cats are able to either leap or climb over it. He just sits there staring at it, confused.

  2. Kitty Genius - "Dusty Old Cat" always wanted to sneak outside, but we just aren't believers in the inside/outside thing with cats. (Too many cars, critters, and lunatics out here)

    Didn't have to worry though. She'd sneak out, run down the driveway, and get terrified... she no longer had walls or a ceiling. didn't know what to do. Would drop to the ground and be unable to move.

    pretty easy to scoop up terrified motionless kitty and bring her back to the safety of walls and a ceiling.

  3. Are you trying to msay there is something unmanly about praising the beauty of small pussy cats?