Tuesday 9 October 2007

now I got worry...

I'm a cat bore. I noticed this when I found myself waxing lyrical about my cat to a slightly bemused colleague the other day (he might have been thinking it, but at least he was polite enough not to call me a "gaylord" out loud because of it, unlike others I might mention....)

I'm going to try not to go on about it quite so much in casual conversation, but there's no denying quite how far this little creature has wriggled her way into my life. She's tremendously relaxing most of the time and yet entertaining all at the same time. I've found it really surprising quite how much difference it makes having a cat in the house when C. is away, instead of a completely empty house. She's somehow really good company, even if she's in a completely different room and doing her best to ignore me.

I worry about her too. I worry that she doesn't get enough time outside when we are at work (we haven't yet installed the cat flap), and when she is out, I worry about the road. I woke up yesterday morning to find that she'd developed an eye infection overnight, and I had to take her off to the vet to pick up some eyedrops. She looked so sorry for herself that I found it quite hard to leave her on her own and get into work.. luckily I have a neighbour who was more than happy to drop in to make sure that she was okay and to help me put the drops in this evening (thanks Hen - that's certainly not a one person job). All this TLC seems to have done the trick too, and she's much more herself today, yowling at the door for a bit of outside time.

Oh God. Listen to me.

Perhaps I am a gaylord.


  1. It's odd how pets just become part of the family, isn't it? My mum and I both shed a tear last night, talking about our much missed doggie. Mum admitted that she's now (after three years) ready to consider a replacement - perhaps that would entice me to visit more!

  2. I think it's much more amusing than some things people talk about, so bring on the cat talk!

  3. Pets are very much part of your life and family, they have an affinity for your moods and usually pop in to give you back some TLC.

    Well most pets. Iguana's don't. They just sit there and eat mealworms.

  4. I'm okay with cat talk. I draw the line at cat advice. I actually know a woman who thinks cat ownership is the solution to everything. Not helpful.

  5. Talk about the cat all you want. I'm in desperation over getting another one... but I can't.

    At least with some online cat stories here and there I can live vicariously through others.

  6. gay is great - gay me up big lad!

  7. Is this an appropriate time to resurrect the ask Auntie Swiss feature of the blog ?

    Dear Auntie Swiss,

    What is the definition of a Gaylord, please ?

    The Eye in the Sky

  8. Well, you know I'm all ears, hands, lenses, etc when it comes to my little kitty neighbour, so while it's really funny that you are such a big frilly girl pants about her, I also think it's sweet :~)

  9. hi, i havent been around in the blogosphere very much in the last few months, i've been busy with other things, and on top of that i have just moved into a house with no internet connection! :(
    but it's good to know that you've been visiting my blog in the meantime... oh and there's nothing wrong with talking about cats in my opinion :)

  10. Keep the kitty stories coming- it's not boring at all!