Thursday 11 October 2007


You remember I was telling you all about C's creepy new boss? Well, it turns out that she's actually an ace talent spotter.... C has just been promoted and her new job title features the word "Director".


The details of the new job are not yet entirely clear, but it looks as though my beautiful,clever wife is going to be spending a lot more time in places like Paris, Russia and Italy. Sadly, she wasn't really offered much choice in the matter, and although it's clearly a great compliment that she has been cherry-picked for this opportunity, they've managed to make it so that she feels a bit railroaded by the whole affair.... they tried to announce the job before she'd had any of her questions about salary, location and the basic details of the job answered. Ridiculous.

Still, as someone wise told her (not me, obviously...), it's surely better to be looking for a new job with a higher salary and the job title "Director" than not.

Of course, the move now means that her salary more than doubles mine. For some people, this might be an issue, but I genuinely don't mind. For starters, she's very generous and besides, we're now married, so legally it's half mine anyway, isn't it? Nah. I earn more than I can spend already (albeit not as much as I'm worth) and it's never been a problem for me. There has only been one brief period since I've known her when I've actually earned more than her anyway, and that only lasted for a couple of months, so I'm kind of used to it. Mind you, it was certainly a problem for her. For that couple of months, it really, really annoyed her that I was bringing home more cash..... (and it was only a couple of hundred quid too). Make of that what you will. Perhaps it's that kind of drive and ambition that gets you to director level, eh?

Anyway. It's a well-deserved promotion.

It presented me with one dilemma immediately though: I was working at home on Wednesday when I got an urgent email from C's secretary. Would I be able to find a high resolution picture of my wife that she could send to the communications people at her new job so that they could add it to the news story about her?

Hmmm. That's an impossible ask. C. was in Oslo, but this was clearly a delicate decision, and I was pretty sure that whatever photo I picked would be the wrong one.

I ummed and ahhed and then picked this one:

She looks gorgeous, no?

They rejected it and asked if I had anything else.

Pah. If that's not good enough for them, then bollocks to them.


  1. Rejected it on what grounds?
    The fools!

  2. so she's only got a job title with "director" in now? I got that in 2004....

    *spurious comparison*

  3. They're nuts; this is a beautiful photo.

  4. I love the photo. She's gorgeous.

    That being said, I'm guessing they rejected it because they needed something that would not entice creepy boss to engage in further inappropriate touching.

  5. That's a stunning photo of C. Many congratulations on her promotion.

    I suspect the grounds of rejection was that that the Creepy One doesn't look that good.

    The Eye in the Sky
    (and friend of C)

  6. They probably wanted one that was just plain boring. Their loss.

  7. What fools - this is a lovely photograph. Did they want a passport photo style image - you know the ones that make EVERYONE look rubbish except the truly beautiful? (of course C probably does have a beautiful pasport pic - truth will out every time with real beauty...)

  8. I'm going with the "it's not boring enough" as well. That picture makes you think she might have a life she's happy with outside of work, not at all the kind of image a director must project.

  9. Speaking as a corporate drone, my guess would be that they didn't use it because she's not wearing a suit...

    Congratulations to C!! It gives me a real sense of pride when I hear about women doing well in the corporate world - my boss (youngish, female, a really great person) just heard yesterday that she has been promoted to chief honcho of the Midlands region for our company - hurray for the girl's team!!

  10. As possibly one of the few cross-dressing readers of your blog I get chance to say that the picture is not only nice because C looks great in it, but that blouse she's wearing is gorgeous as well :-)

  11. rachel - hello. That's actually a dress, and it is lovely, isn't it? Hand-made silk from a guy schooled in the imperial chinese school of taylors and all the way from HK. She had it made at Shanghai Tang for the wedding (and at about 25% the cost of a wedding dress too).