Friday 2 November 2007

And walked upon the edge of no escape...

Earworms of the Week

> "Once and Never Again" - The Long Blondes

Not my favourite song by the Long Blondes by a long chalk, but for some reason this was the one that started to play in my head on a loop around about Wednesday. Really, what can you do?

> "The Sea" - Morcheeba / "Get A Move On" - Mr Scruff

Stef was good enough to send me a CD several weeks ago and I've only just got around to putting it into my car. He's wanted to make me a mix to thank me for sending him a copy of the acoustic version of the Cure's Hits album, so I'd given him an incredibly vague brief that he should look to give me some stuff that I might enjoy that wasn't necessarily guitar orientated. What he came up with was pretty good - there's some blues and some Lynyrd Skynyrd on there, but otherwise it's basically dance or electronic stuff all the way.... something I don't have a lot of in my record collection. I like lots of it, but these two songs instantly sounded like old friends, so they make the list. I've probably heard them before, like, but I couldn't have told you who the hell they were by..... Thanks for the CD Stef, by the way.... Very relaxing.

> "Celebrity Skin" - Hole

Included on Cody Bones' shuffleathon to asta.... but a longtime favourite on the old internal jukebox. Proof positive that Courtney Love does in fact have some talent.

> "Keep The Car Running" - Arcade Fire

An inevitable by-product of the Arcade Fire gig that I went to the other night. I've heard quite a respectable version of this by the Foo Fighters, as it happens (and I'm seeing them next week too... finally).

> "Jolene" - The White Stripes

I think this was also on a shuffleathon that was reviewed last week, although I can't remember which one. Another firm favourite around these parts, although I prefer the Dolly Parton version myself... If they hadn't have cancelled, on account of Meg's illness, I would have been watching them playing live this week too.

> "Modern Drummer" - Ungdomskulen

Slightly bonkers but actually very good support band for the Young Knives in the Rescue Rooms the other night. They hail from Bergen in Norway and they were such good value live that I bought a CD from the merchandise stall in the venue after the gig... something I have never felt the need to do before. They sound almost jazz, if that makes any sense. They also have a really, really good drummer and this song is about him. Recommended.

> "Tick Tick Boom" - The Hives

More of the same from The Hives (they're not the world's most original band and they certainly aren't about to deviate from their template now). Very effective though.

> "Terra Firma" / "Here Comes The Rumour Mill" - The Young Knives

I think the album is too long by about 4 or 5 tracks, but I do really like the Young Knives. They were also excellent live the other night too. New single out now!

> "Still Ill" - The Smiths

Covered by Arcade Fire the other day, but absolutely no substitute for the original.

> "She's Lost Control" - Joy Division

I saw both "Control" and "24 Hour Party People" last week, and both made me delve into my record collection to dig out some Joy Division. No surprise then that they have featured heavily on my internal jukebox this week. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is the most obvious track, but this is my favourite... it's simple, but just brilliant. Ian Curtis was 23 years old when he killed himself. What the hell do 23 year olds know about life? I certainly knew bugger all when I was 23, anyway. A terrible waste, but what a legacy.

And no, I haven't been earworming that stupid song by the Wombats.


  1. I have to argue the hole/Courtney love comment.

    Hole sounded like Nirvana when Curt Cobain was alive.

    After Cobain's death, Hole took on a sound like Smashing Pumpkins... as Courtney was "hanging out" will Billy Corgan (who basically was the pumpkins) when they recorded that album.

  2. I've been singing 'Celebrity Skin' all day! Mainly because, after getting all glammed up for Hallowe'en last night, I did indeed wake up in my make up.

    And even if Courtney did get her inspiration from her squeezes, that's still a talent of sorts! I'm an unapologetic Hole fan. Live Through This is a masterpiece.

  3. I'm glad to hear that at least some of that CD went down well.

    The Mr Scruff track is simple but just so damn addictive. After seeing him at The Big Chill I had that track in my head for weeks!