Saturday 8 December 2007

can I change your mind....?

Remember the Housewives?

You know... they supported The Young Knives in the Rescue Rooms a little while ago? I arrived just in time to see them playing two songs, and had this to say:

"...I only catch the last couple of songs by the Housewives, but it's more than enough. They're a funny looking bunch, for sure, but their guitarist also plays the worst guitar solo I have ever heard in my life - it's so rubbish (probably deliberately so) that I reckon that I would have half a chance of nailing it, and I don't play the guitar. The bassist also sports a haircut that looks a little like an unraveled brushover, which is a touch unfortunate."

It's a bit dismissive, I suppose, and it provoked a mildy hurt comment from the band's bassist, Nick:

"Ah, you didn't like the 'wives... Never mind, you've at least prompted me to get a long-overdue haircut!"

He took the criticism in good part, I thought.

I just got this email from them:
"Ahoy Swiss Toni,

Just thought I'd let you know we're back up in Nottingham to play Audio Montage tomorrow. You should come and see us properly. I've had a haircut and Laurie's practiced his soloing, so you may even enjoy a song or two.

We're on at 9.30pm at the Maze, hopefully we'll see you there...

Cheers, Nick Housewife

The Housewives
[mobile phone number here]
I think that's really sweet. They've included a mobile phone number and everything! Win over the haters, one at a time!

I'm not sure I can make it to the gig, but I am now determined that I will go and see this band again and give them a fair crack of the whip. Good luck to them, I say..... I now have a definite soft spot for them, and I haven't even been to see them again yet. To be honest, even if they're hopeless, I think I'll still be rooting for them. We British love a good underdog, eh?



  1. I've not even heard the Housewives, but now I want to like them.

  2. hehehe. You wrote 'rooting'.

  3. IF that's how they treat their fans, I'm starting to have a listen. Thanks for the heads up ST.

  4. this is true about ohio, i don't have to worry about not getting tickets, and i rarely have to pay above $20 for ANYTHING, it's great. but im not really too fond of editors, i've got The Back Room, it's a litle bit of a downer though. They're coming with Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV and that's the real reason I would go, but I think I'm going to anyway, Editors aren't bad, just not my favorite.

    p.s. i quite like your blog and am therefore linking you.

  5. Damn, Hen got there first. That's a word that makes me laugh. I also like when sports commentators say "...beat off the competition...".

    Oh, and I got tickets for Morrissey in Edinburgh. Exciting!