Sunday 3 February 2008

let your body move to the music...

Competing in the "Dance Like Your Dad" round of the pub quiz whilst on holiday, 23rd January 2008 in Sestriere. The picture shows the initial elimination round. The "best" three dancers from here went into a final dance-off - in which the other two contestants blatantly tried to steal my moves, but like all the great innovators, I'd already moved on from breakdancing and was striking out boldly into catalogue model vogueing...

There are a couple of things to note here:

1. My dad does not, in point of fact, dance anything like this

2. Although we won the overall quiz, I didn't actually win the round....

3.....but I was robbed.

And check out the muscle definition on those arms!

I'm so proud....


  1. After seeing that picture, I'm including you in the contest for frontmen of the decade for the 00's.

    BTW, the 80's are up

  2. Nice. Perhaps you should give lessons?

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