Monday 25 February 2008

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien....

Well, how would you feel if you woke up on a Monday morning to discover that your arch rival from drama school, a terrible, talentless cow with a nasty cocaine habit (in those days, at least), had just won an Oscar?

C's not in the best of moods today. What with France losing in the rugby and then this slap in the face, I think it's fair to say that this hasn't been C's favourite weekend in the world ever.

Whatever their quarrels in the past, nothing settles an argument quite like an Academy Award though, eh? Whilst it might be true that the Oscars are not quite what they used to be, they're still considered to be pretty much the gold standard when it comes to judging an actor's worth. Game, set and match to Cotillard, surely? It would take someone pretty special to come back from that kind of a set back.....although if I was Cotillard, I wouldn't write C. off just yet.

To be fair, I probably didn't do too much to improve her mood when I pointed out that Cotillard had looked fantastic on the red carpet too....

Yes, she's got an Oscar.... but is she happy?




  1. When Morisette started winning all those Grammies, I nearly threw up - for the exact same reason.

    Tell C. it's merely our humility that has kept us from the accolades, leaving the chintzy metallic figurines to those with less self-pride and raw natural talent.

  2. Ah, sure, she has the Oscar, but who has the trophy husband to end all trophy husbands!? ;)

  3. It was fixed, Cotillard will be exposed for the fraud that she is. How's that?

  4. I think erika, j and cody said it perfectly. Poor C. Shall I buy one of those voodoo doll kits from the bookstore where I work and send it along then? *G*

  5. A talentless cow? I thought she was phenomenal. Maybe I'm missing something...


  6. I thought she looked like a fish. A gorgeous fish. Is there a support group for pescophiles?

  7. Ah, but can Marion Cotillard make lovely cakes like your missus? I think not.

  8. Just tell C that Cotillard slept her way through hollywood and onto that stage last night. Probably not far from the truth