Thursday 27 March 2008

and always the right way round...

Our beautiful cat gave us a bit of a fright the other day. On a normal day when we're at home, Minou pops in and out of the cat flap all the time. She likes to be outside, but she never wanders far, and she likes to know what we're up to. On Good Friday -- it had to be a bank holiday -- she popped out in the early evening and popped back in about 30 minutes later. I didn't think anything of it, but when I went upstairs, she followed me... but was practically dragging herself up the stairs. There was something wrong. She was crying and couldn't walk properly. Of course we took her straight to the vet. It being an evening and a bank holiday, we had to go to the emergency vet... that's the best part of £100 before you've even started, but what else are you going to do when your pet is in pain? (and anyway, she's insured..of course she's insured)

The vet examined her and decided that she hadn't been hit by a car - apparently cats instinctively put their claws out when they are hit by a car and as a result often have claws that have been worn down on asphalt. It looked as though our silly cat had fallen off something and landed awkwardly. Given that she's a tiny bit clumsy and overly enthusiastic, this wouldn't really be all that much of a turn up for the books. She was knocked out and X-rayed, and the vet was able to tell us the excellent news that she hadn't broken anything, but had strained some ligaments in the knee of one of her back legs. Strict bed-rest, apparently.

And drugs.

It's not easy to confine a cat to quarters, but Minou clearly had other things on her mind and was content to just curl up on a beanbag.

The drugs help. They really help. Within a couple of days, she was almost back to her normal self and clamouring to get outside.

I was very pleased to hear that I wasn't going to have to try and feed the cat pills (have you ever tried that?), but I was sceptical when the vet gave me the little bottle of Metacam solution and told me I was supposed to give this liquid to the cat. Apparently cats love it. Hm. Do you know what though? After a bit of initial suspicion about the syringe-like device you use to administer the dose, Minou really did like the stuff. In fact, she couldn't get enough of it.

I think she might be a junkie.

Metacam is an anti-inflammatory, and is supposed to help Minou's knee get better. I'm sure it does this, but what it also does is to knock the cat out. Minou does like a good cuddle, but she's not really a lap cat, preferring a short stop before finding a warm pipe or something to sit on. When this stuff kicks in though, she just zonks out and wants to do nothing else but curl up on someone's lap.

Well, I say someone's lap, but actually all she really wants to do -- much to C's irritation and in spite of her best efforts -- is to curl up on my lap. The other night she climbed up onto my lap no fewer than four times, to my wife's increasing outrage.... especially when on the fourth occasion, the cat had to climb across C's lap to get to mine.

What can I say? She likes me....

Besides, she always goes to C for a cuddle in the morning when we first wake up - I think because she's a lot less sharp and angular than me and offers a much more comfortable chest to sit on than my hollow pigeon chest. And do you hear me complaining? I look across when I wake up in the morning to see my wife cuddling my cat and not knowing which one of the pair of them is the more contented.

Anyway. She's a lot better now, but she's still wanting a nice cuddle in the evening, and as my wife has gone off to Russia on business until the middle of next week, I'll take all of the affection that I can get.

So yeah. I love my cat. What of it?


  1. A few months ago I'd be rolling my eyes at this...

    Now? Totally agree. Louise is thoroughly hacked off that Ollie will leap up on our couch and lie down next to me and not her.

    He does spend the night lying on her feet though, which is fine by me.

  2. You need some new photos pf your cat. I know someone and I'll see what I can do.

  3. I love cat antics... if I wasn't so allergic to them :(

  4. I've experienced pills + cats with several cats. One elderly cat that would literally take the pill, walk away, look back at you, and spit it out defiantly. Yet another cat that would take her pill easily as long as it came with a treat.

    They're also great critters for routine. You could set a watch to where my old cat was napping, and who with.

  5. I'm not a huge cat fan, preferring dogs, but RH has two.

    One of them loves to come and sit with me and be petted (although that may be partly because I like to sit practically on top of the fire) but the other won't go near anyone and is petrified if you go near her. I've made her a bit of a project, but to no avail - in pet terms, she's a poor return on investment in the affection stakes.

    He's had both since they were kittens, and they're from the same litter, so it's quite odd.

  6. Poor thing! Glad it wasn't more serious. And good news about the Metacam; I'll keep that in mind for the future. I've had to give both of my cats several pills twice a day, and it's no fun! Especially as the second cat sees what you're doing to the first cat, and so knows what you're up to as you approach. No surprising the second cat. And they both have their claws! I still bear the scars...

    One of our cats, Wheezy, consistently walks over Randy to get to me, even (especially?) when he's the one to call her over in the first place. He used to be insulted. Now, however, Stealth Kitty (the shelter gave him the undignified and unimaginative name of "Patches") has become less shy and the two men of the house have bonded; equilibrium has been restored. *G*

  7. She's a cute cat. Hope she's all better now.

  8. ST, I've been having issues with The Boys this week -- must be something in the ethos that this is Cat Week.

    As for C and Minou, all I can say is that one thing I've noticed is that male cats love female humans, and female cats love male humans. Oh, they'll tolerate the same gender but true love is reserved for the opposite (at least, in my household that's always been true). Sorry, C, you'll have to get a male cat if you want the lap curling thing.

  9. Our cat - female - is a complete hussy: she's take any lap and will change her mind in an instance to another available (or even unavailable) lap.

    Years ago we found her underneath our kitchen window, cowering into a rather shame-faced shape, mute and very very wobbly. the vet didn't charge us much for looking at her or give her any drugs though: not least as she, once in the vets, promptly moved faster than lightening under the furniture. We sussed out that what she'd probably done was fallen from the flat roof of our kitchen and basically wounded her dignity in her fall [the old cat trick of 'I meant to do that' when they lick themselves after a sudden half-asleep drop off the sofa etc]. Anyway, just to say i empathise about the "clumsy and overly enthusiastic" bit.

    hugs to Minou, C and your good self and may you enjoy more cat snuggles.