Thursday 8 May 2008

here comes the summer....(ii)

I should be careful what I say really, as I wouldn't want to be the one to jinx it the way that some loose-lipped blabbermouth must have jinxed it last year.... but, whisper it quietly, it feels as though summer is really on the way and might even be nearly here. It certainly seems to be thinking about putting in an appearance this year, anyway. We've had a few days in a row of sunshine and pleasant temperatures this week, and you can almost hear the nation breathing a huge sigh of relief at the passing of winter, and tentatively beginning to rummage around under the bed for the flip-flops.

Thursday night is football night around these parts, but when I packed my kit this morning, it was nice to feel confident enough for the first time in months to leave my thermal base layers, my hat and my gloves behind. Indeed, the game tonight was played in absolutely glorious sunshine, with just enough of a breeze to make running around a 5-a-side court for 90 minutes or so just about bearable.

My team won too, which was nice.

34 - 22, since you ask.

Yes, really.

Keep bringing us the good news Des.

You take care now...!

[points out at the camera and winks, whilst simultaneously giving what looks disturbingly like a loose-limbed pelvic thrust]


  1. Its winter here and it still feels like an English summer. :]

  2. Well done, it's looking decidedly effing overcasst out there now.

  3. I removed my black leather gloves from my bag just yesterday. But I left the woolly hat and the umbrella. I'm not that stupid.