Tuesday 13 May 2008

man you've been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long...

I don't tend to shave over the weekend. As far as I'm concerned, shaving is a chore that is done under some duress ever weekday morning in the shower. It certainly isn't something that I derive any great pleasure from, although as I have very little desire to grow a beard, I ultimately don't have much choice. Given the choice, I would always opt to have a couple of day's worth of stubble. I think it looks better, and it also means I do a whole lot less shaving. I choose to shave every day of the working week, but I'm blowed if I'm going to shave in my leisure time. As a result, by Sunday evening, I tend to look somewhat hairier than usual.

I was putting a contact lens in on Sunday morning, and thus rather closer to the bathroom mirror than usual, when I noticed something on my chin. At first I thought it was a bit of fluff or a feather from my pillow. Closer inspection, however, revealed that I was looking at a little crop of grey stubble.

Once I was sure what it was, I was a touch surprised to find out that I was thrilled. I had grey hair in my stubble! If I was to grow a beard, it would have a grey flash and everything! I've no idea why, but that thought sounded kind of cool.

Mind you, in the interests of full disclosure, I feel it's only appropriate to confess at this time that if I was to grow a beard, then it would not be an entirely salt-and-pepper style affair, a Sean Connery or a George Clooney. No. Rather, the grey flashes on my chin would be competing for attention with the rather more prominent and eye-catching ginger flashes in my beard. Frankly that's not a look that I aspire to.

So I won't be growing a beard any time soon.

No sir. No beard today.


  1. This makes me think of what I was hoping for... pure sean connery white hair.

    My grandmother had said type hair, but by the time she was my age, it had started turning gray.

    Unless the gray is buried underneath the long dark brown hair...

  2. Yes. Just say no to the ginger beard.

  3. There's a lot to be said for beards!