Wednesday 4 June 2008

sk8er boi....

After a long day at the office today, I managed to get home with just enough of the evening sunshine left to go out rollerblading with my wife.

Yes, I am aware of the ridiculous, giraffe-on-skates, bambi-on-ice images that the very thought of this no doubt conjures up in your mind, because the same thought occurred to me for every one of the two thousand one hundred or so seconds that I was on those skates. I can skate a bit, I suppose, but I just haven't done so for about five years. C. loves to rollerblade and, for some reason, she especially loves to rollerblade with me. She was in the country, the sun was shining and we were both in the same house at the same time. So why not?

I think it made her happy, and that makes me happy. That's reason enough, I think.

Yeah.... alright then.... I quite liked it too.

After all, who amongst us doesn't secretly covet a pair of Heelys?

I know I do.


  1. if you're going to use kidz text speak, do it properly, man.

    The "8" represents the sound in the word, and hence it's "sk8er boi" not "ska8er boi".

    Get with the program, brother.

  2. I'm so changing that. I feel cheated. Let the comments record that LB spotted it and that I subsequently changed it!

  3. ooh. the internet totally lied to me!

  4. The only time I've ever rollerbladed is with an ex boyfriend who was 6ft 6. On one unhappy occasion, he took a spectacular fall, from his great height - I think everyone in the park felt it.

  5. I did feel ridiculously tall - I'm 6'5" and the skates add another good couple of inches. As if I didn't feel self-conscious enough already.