Wednesday 13 August 2008


So, what do you reckon: more in-depth analysis of the geo-political situation in the Caucasus, or should I go back to writing thoughtful commentary on the really important stuff, like pissing in the shower and whatnot?

My conversational range is simply vast....

....and largely wasted as I spend all the time at the parties people are daft enough to invite me to hiding somewhere away from other guests and looking at the books and CDs. And anyway, how many people really want to spend their time at a party listening to someone droning on about Abkhazia?

Still, that's what the internet's for, right?


  1. I thought the internet was for porn?

  2. yeah, obviously I mean *after* porn. Dur.

  3. It's up to you what you write about. Some people will be interested in your music posts, others in your conversational pieces, etc.

  4. Call me a philistine, but I must confess that I skimmed those political posts, but read the one about peeing in the shower/sink - and all 20 comments - with great interest.

    There go any pretensions I may have about appearing intellectual.

  5. ST, I loved those posts. I though you had some good points, and a few I disagreed with vehemently. I was looking forward to a discussion about what constitutes sovereignty ans what would happen if Scotland tried to secede, but got pulled off my game with my oldest starting school, and work sucking. Although I missed this chance, please keep posting these issues, and I would be more than happy to participate next time. Just one thought. George Soros is NOT a neo-con. He is about the polar opposite of Bush. THEY HATE EACH OTHER. Soros has been using his billions that he gained in the currency markets to fund anti- Bush movements. I don't know where that quote came from but it just made me shake my head.

    BTW, my offer to you to join the ranks of Cub fans still stands, e-mail me if you want the swag.

  6. If Scotland chooses to secede Cody, we'll just let them go. Possibly not with our best wishes, but there wouldn't be any bloodshed.

    And yeah, the guy who said that about Soros is also the same guy who used me as a serious resource for his thoughts on Abkhazia.... linking to a post that starts off with me rambling about a visit to a cider orchard. So I'm not sure how serious a commentator he really is.

    I'll email you about the swag in a bit. I now consider myself a cubs follower though!