Thursday 23 October 2008

and it's not not knowing that there ain't nothin' showin'....

... and so the streak continues.

It was a bit of a close run thing last night, but we've now won the Leftlion pub quiz, hosted by Nottingham's Mr. Sex every Wednesday night in the Golden Fleece, no fewer than eight times in a row. We actually got taken to a tie-break last night.... which we lost..... but there was a discrepancy between the score we thought we had and the score that we had been given. So we checked. Not because we desperately wanted to win, you understand, but because if we didn't find out which answer we'd got wrong that we thought we'd got right, we'd never be able to live with ourselves. I was already starting to dwell on the critical half point I lost by changing my mind about the name of the Blondie song played on the bontempi organ, moving it neatly from the right answer to the nearly right, but still oh-so-wrong, answer..... I'd hate to be responsible for breaking the streak and all.

Although, in a way, when we thought we'd lost, I actually experienced a moment of relief....

So we asked Nottingham's Mr. Sex for clarification, just for our own sake and -- bless him -- he did a countback and realised he'd made a mistake and that actually we'd won by a clear point.

We didn't want the prize or owt.

We just wanted to know that we won.

So we left, and the streak is still on.

Not that it matters really. It's a nice night out with good company, good food, decent beer and an excellent and very entertaining quiz.

Plus it's always nice to see the faces of the team that used to win when they see that we've turned up again....

...I'm pretty sure that everyone in that pub hates us. I'm not sure I blame them.

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  1. That is a quite freaky set of quiz skills you lot have ain't it?! And yes, you MUST be well popular by now (not least with those who had the previous winning run).

    How will you keep up this success? Are you prepping every night of the week for the next attempt?!