Tuesday 24 March 2009

blame Canada....

As my very favourite Canadian might say, it's Adiós, muchachos from me for a few days as we head off to Banff with some friends to do a spot of skiing at Lake Louise, Sunshine and Norquay. Conditions look good, with plenty of lovely powder still coming down, so fingers crossed it should be a pleasant break. One of the beauties of a holiday in the Canadian Rockies is that we're not just going to be skiing but will also likely include hot springs, husky sledding, snow shoeing, a bit of hockey, lots of delicious Alberta beef and, hopefully, loads of Roots fleeces. Should be good. I'm looking forward to it.

Given the events of a few days ago, you'll be pleased to note that we already ski wearing helmets. I imagine that a few more people will be now, not that I imagine it would have made very much difference to an innocuous seeming tumble like that on a nursery slope.

Anyway. Back in ten days or so. Have fun, y'all and see you on the other side.

I'm gonna sticker my helmet, I reckon. I've some leftovers from my Guitar Hero box. A nice skull and crossbones, some flames and a bit of lightning? Rock on......



  1. Hi ST. I'd would not recommend putting stickers on you ski helmet. May helmets are made of plastic of one sort or another and you can't be sure that the glue in the stickers won't react with the plastic. When this occurs the structural properties of the material can be altered - usually it becomes less elastic and prone to shatter on impact - and the protection is reduced dramatically.

    the eye in the sky

  2. Ok, well, I was going to harrass you one more time for going to Canada when I'm not there, but you've won me over with that introduction. So ski away, my friend and my imaginary girlfriend. Be safe and have fun and beware of Norquay's legendary icy patches (that's where I learned to ski!). I'm more than a mote jealous...

  3. nice pics, i always wanted to go skiing,, there is no ice here in Indonesia :(

  4. Hi Swiss. I'm back. For good I think. And your on my side of the pond. A crying shame canada is so far away. I need to learn how to ski. Badly.

    Hope you're well. Drop me a line sometime.