Friday 10 July 2009


I've had something of a strange day today, featuring as it did an abortive meeting, an unscheduled trip to the Accident & Emergency Department of Milton Keynes Hospital and a return to Nottingham without the car I drove down in*. Perhaps I shouldn't have been all that surprised then, that shortly after I did get home, I found myself sharing a sofa in an Indian takeaway with a certain South African fast bowler who currently sits at number 18 on the list of all time Test match wicket takers with the small matter of 330 wickets to his name.

It's been a while since we had any Allan Donald news around here, so it was good to catch up with the old boy, especially as his spell against Michael Atherton at Trent Bridge in 1998 is still the most impressive piece of cricket I have ever witnessed and forms the core of my argument against Twenty20 cricket.....

Well, I say catch up... what I really mean is that I stared at him surreptitiously over the top of a copy of Nuts as I waited for my curry. Nearly the same thing though, eh?

He was reading FHM, occasionally glancing up at Celebrity Masterchef on the telly, and had a couple of bags filled with bottles of wine from Oddbins at his feet. I don't know what he ordered, but I had a chicken tikka jalfrezi.

It was pretty nice thanks.

Oh, and C. thought Jayne Middlemas deserved her win, even if she much preferred the look of Iwan Thomas' Eton Mess to Jayne's Lavender Pannacotta. I simply learned the 10 reasons why Nuts thinks Jordan is fanciable again.**

*More on this anon.

** Would it give you a sense of the other 8 reasons if I was to tell you that reason 9 was her right breast and reason 10 her left breast? I thought as much.....***

*** I disagree with them, incidentally. I've never seen the appeal, to be honest. You could wear the woman as a hat, for heaven's sake.

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  1. jeez... White Lightning back again - you sure he isn't looking for you? any road - fair play for letting him get his curry in peace.

    More importantly hope the aches & pains subside and the spoon usage is back on track soonest

    cheers for the masterchef result too, saw JM in the early rounds and figured she'd go far

    (predictable late-night correspondent)