Thursday 9 December 2010


This afternoon, my boss asked me to have a quick look online for an article that was published over the weekend focusing on self-checkout tills in British stores.  Dull subject for a newspaper expose, no?  It's hardly up their with the fake sheikh's finest, is it?  Anyway, it apparently said that ours were the worst in Britain. As we are the team that is responsible for the development of most of the kit we have instore, including the self-checkout tills, we were naturally interested to have a look at this, so I did a quick piece of googling.

I didn't find that article, but I did find another that caught my eye as it mentioned our company and touched on another area that we look after. Apparently, the police have stopped prosecuting shoplifters, and so big companies like ours now have to take alleged offenders through the civil courts to pursue £150 of damages. It wasn't really a very interesting article, and neither was it the one I was looking for, so I was about to move on when the comments caught my eye... the first comment in particular:

"In some ways some countries have the right idea... cut off the hands and make the shame the families....dam we not allowed to that with Human Rights, what about putting them in stocks and us having a fun day humiliating them... dam again Human Rights what about just stopping any benefits and letting them starve....Human Rights? So what about just finding out where they live, and letting the neighbourhood know they have a thief..after alll why stop at shops... the old lady or gentlemen on their own are a equal target to these low life trash...who ar to bloody idle to work for a living like the rest of us...spoilt brats who the earth would be better off without"

Well, thanks for those considered views, Pat in Norfolk (and, amidst all other errors of spelling and punctuation, I love the capitalisation of "Human Rights"). There were 95 other views published too, but as I assumed they were likely more of the same, I left them to boil in their own vitriol.

Have you guessed the newspaper yet?

As someone remarked the other day, if Chris Morris were to invent a newspaper, I'm pretty sure it would look exactly like the Daily Mail.  It's so ridiculous, it must be a satire, right?

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