Thursday 10 March 2011

erase and rewind....

I've been rumbled. My figleaf of anonymity here has been whipped away: a simple google search for the phrase "sweaty jazz trumpet" has led the monumental pain in the arse who sits next to me at work all the way here.  I looked across at his screen just as he was pondering the coincidence of finding the exact same phrase online (although actually, I nicked it from Steve Lamacq anyway) and commenting on how funny-looking the guy was in the picture at the top-right hand corner of the page.

Tits.  I hadn't realised he found the phrase quite so enticing.  Certainly not interesting enough to google it, FFS.  Who would do that?

I thought he was taking the piss and had recognised me immediately... but in the end I had to get him to scroll down the page a bit further to look at the photos further down the page before the penny finally dropped.   I suppose I could have left him guessing, but it seemed so painfully obvious that it was me that remaining silent seemed fairly pointless.

"Why Swisslet?" was his first question.
"To stop people at work randomly finding their way here via google"

I'll probably have to delete everything now and start again somewhere else lest all of my secrets are revealed to my colleagues at work.

....Pfffft. As if I ever say anything interesting enough on here to be worth hiding.

So. A big hello to GJ everyone. He has a kind of tourettes for bad jokes and has given up crisps for Lent. Welcome. Knock yourself out.


Knock yourself out.

Do it.

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  1. Well crap. That's something I dread happening, too.