Friday 15 July 2011

now I got glowing eyes....

Earworms of the Week

500 Miles” – The Proclaimers

Apparently they used this in the business conference that I missed the other week: they made everyone there put on a green wig and march on the spot to this song to celebrate the "Miles for Macmillan" charity scheme that we're supporting.  I've seen the photos.  I can't say I'm sorry I wasn't there, especially as I was on my way to Glastonbury instead.  Marvellous record though.  They've been dining out on this and the other one ever since, haven't they?  Good luck to them.

A Life Less Ordinary” – Ash

Not their best record, I don't think.  It's a bit loose and sloppy, and yet somehow it endures as one of my favourites of theirs.  Back in the day, before their debut album came out, I used to go out and buy Ash CD singles.  I probably bought this one, but C. gave me the soundtrack to the film early in our relationship.  I can't remember why, but I do love the song.  The film's not too bad either.  I watched it some months ago on VHS (of all things) and it stands up alright as a charming piece of whimsy.  I think this popped into my head when I saw a picture of Tim Wheeler tweeted from the side of the stage by one of the members of We Are Scientists.  Why this song and not any other Ash tune, I'm not sure... but I've never claimed to know how this works, so.....

The End of the Line” – Metallica

Mark mentioned on Twitter this morning that he had started his day with "Master of Puppets", and coincidentally, as I was driving into work on my own this morning, I took the opportunity to listen to "Death Magnetic".  Loud (although I'm not sure if you can listen to this record quietly: even the MP3s are LOUDER).  This is as far as I got before I reached work, but goodness it puts a spring in your step.  Recommended.

Career Opportunities” – The Clash

Probably my favourite Clash song.  Enough said.

Oxford Comma” / “Mansard Roof” – Vampire Weekend

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I read something about how the Oxford Comma had been declared redundant.  You know, the comma used immediately before a coordinating conjunction (usually and or or, and sometimes nor) preceding the final item in a list of three or more items.  I don't tend to use them myself, but I don't really have anything against them.  Besides, as I read in the comments below the article informing me of this important grammatical news, it can have its uses: think how it changes the meaning of the sentence "I'd like to thank my parents, Sinead O'Connor and the Pope".  Without the Oxford Comma, that could mean something very surprising.  Worth keeping for that reason alone, billions of Catholics would probably agree.   This information brewed in my brain for a while, and then had me reaching for the first Vampire Weekend album.  Still sounds pretty good to me.

Suspicious Minds” – Elvis Presley

One of my friends does an absolutely uncanny Elvis impersonation as his party piece.  I still love the fact that he decided to sing THIS song at his own wedding.  Brilliant.  What a choice of subject matter.

Theme tune to “Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

Prone as I am to a little sweaty trumpet work, I was always going to enjoy this.  I haven't watched the programme more than once ever, and it hasn't been on in more than a decade, but I knew enough about it to make -- at the same moment as LB did the same -- the imaginative leap in the backwards TV theme round at the pub quiz that the BBC crime drama with the colliery band sounding trumpet work was likely to be this.  Great catch, I'm sure you'll agree.  We won the quiz.  It was a crucial answer.  A hobbit's early work, too. 

Theme tune to Blockbusters

My colleague at work is slightly reluctantly heading up to the Lake District tomorrow to spend a few days with her family to celebrate her sister's 40th birthday in a rented cottage.  She claims not to be looking forward to it at all and is expecting fights, but she's also spent a fair amount of time this week creating a Blockbusters themed game, complete with a game board, and I helped her out with some Gold Run questions based upon the year 1971 this afternoon.... no one's ever done that for me, I must say and it looks like it's going to be brilliant fun.  Obviously, it planted the theme tune into my head, and no, Bob Holness didn't play the saxophone solo on "Baker Street", although I dearly wish he had.  Great theme tune.

"Love Song" - Sara Bareilles

I had to look up who this song was by, so how it got into my head I have absolutely no clue.

If You Wanna” / “Post Break-Up Sex” – The Vaccines

Look, I enjoyed the Vaccines at Glastonbury as much as anybody, and I think that the album is fine.... but seriously, it's like the Ramones never happened, isn't it? 1-2-3-4..... change of pace.... oi!

Psycho Therapy” – The Ramones

 Accept.  No.  Substitutes.  "If You Wanna" made me think of this song, so I listened to it and it's a much, much better song.  Not to do the Vaccines down, but this was written in 1983, for goodness sake. 

That's your lot.  I'm planning to spend the next 24 hours either reading or sleeping before my long run on Sunday.  Have a good weekend y'all.  I'm knackered.


  1. And so I did! Though it was live in Gothenberg from last weekend!

  2. "Hetty Wainthropp Investigates"? I am curious but have so far resisted the urge to youtube this.... so far...