Wednesday 19 October 2011

normal happy childhood back on course, batteries not included...

I had an awful day today. Physically, personally and professionally. At 5pm, I had to fight off a peculiar – but very real – urge to climb underneath my desk and curl up into a little ball to shut out the world and get some sleep…. A bit like George Constanza in “The Nap” (although I hesitate to compare even my career with that of George).

I resisted, sadly…. But I did make myself feel a bit better by listening to the sunny songs of renowned happy-go-lucky popstrel Luke Haines instead.

All together now:

Do you remember Petra Schelm?
She was nineteen when she was gunned down
I remember when I was sixteen
the acid was tinged with red
fire magic in my head
walking around with heavy manners
you're going home in a fucking ambulance
there's gonna be an accident

Join in if you know the words!

Or, how about:

Life is unfair! Kill yourself or get over it!

[repeat x4]

Still, chin up. We have nothing to fear but the sky falling on our heads tomorrow..... but as Chief Vitalstatistix knew, tomorrow never comes.

Wait, so that means today will never end?

I thought it just felt like that.

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  1. Those days just suck. I hope tomorrow treats you much, much better!