Thursday 29 March 2012

it's all about you....

I realise this makes me sound like I'm 83 years old, but what is it with people?  I was in the gym this evening, resting my knee ouch and working my shoulders in the pool.  As with most swimming pools, there's a big sign just by from the changing room to poolside advising people that they need to have a shower before they get into the pool.

Now, I wouldn't have thought that this was too much of a problem: you're about to get wet anyway, and although the water in the pool is likely already a soup of chemicals, sweat, dirt and bacteria, it's going to be a little bit nicer for everyone if you make a small effort to wash away the sweat and deodorant and stuff clinging to your body before jumping in.

Apparently, for some people, it really is too much effort.

As I was getting changed, and later as I was sat in the sauna, I watched several people walk straight out of the changing rooms, past the showers and up to the pool.  Look, I'm all for sticking it to The Man whenever I can, but how about showing a bit of basic respect for other people by having a quick rinse in the shower before swimming?

Whilst I'm on the subject, what the hell is it with the guy who cools off between stints in the sauna by sitting in one of the changing areas - not, I can't help but notice, the one where his locker is - and sits with his head in his hands spitting on the floor?  Or the slightly weird guy who jumps, dripping with sweat from his workout, straight into the pool from the side and cools himself off for a few minutes, heedless of the swimmers in that lane trying to do laps around him?  Or the guy who picks at his feet in the sauna?  Or the people who leave all their rubbish in the locker when they're finished? Or who wring their trunks out on the floor in the "dry" part of the changing room?

WTF, people?

Also, why can't people indicate before maneouvering their cars?  What is it with the constant urge to push your way into a lane without bothering to wait for a gap or signalling your intention?  Or the people who drive to work on their own at 8am in the morning and park in the car share spaces at the front of the car park when there's a normal space not 10m away?

And why don't people hold doors open for other people any more?  And when did gentlemen stop tipping their hats to ladies in the streets and asking a man's permission for his daughter's hand in marriage?


In completely, definitively unrelated news, I was asked by a colleague at work the other day if they could borrow my hat and scarf for a couple of hours at lunchtime.  Um, OK.  What for?  Oh, we're doing a skit at a presentation and I'm playing a grumpy old man.


If the cap fits...

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