Wednesday 31 October 2012

I'm done dead already....

It was running club tonight.

We ran 5.64 miles through the mean streets of Nottingham on All Hallows' Eve.  What with the full moon, the forthcoming Mayan Apocalypse and perhaps the imminent danger of a stray hurricane, I reckon we were pretty lucky to get back in one piece.

More or less.

I encountered a few slack-jawed, vacant-eyed walkers around Asda on Loughborough Road, but there's nothing unusual about that. A quick turn of pace left them lurching mindlessly in my wake and I was away.

Remember: to survive this, I don't have to run fast.... I just have to run faster than you.

Are you prepared?


  1. With regards to the object to my left, how far to the left are we talking?

    I've got an iPad, small trash can, Pantone swatch book, a tin of Altoids (they're curiously strong), and an office chair, all to my left. Which shall I choose?

  2. I'm not sure altoids - delicious though they are - are quite going to cut it. I have a five foot lamp with a heavy base, a ukulele, a kindle and a small wooden ball for massaging the tendon under my foot. I'm going with the lamp.

  3. Lenovo laptop, coffee mug, box cutter, plastic bag.

    Whilst the box cutter may be first choice, the Lenovo laptop is pretty hefty and durable.