Friday 8 March 2013

never too late....

You know that thing where you're sitting an exam, and everything seems to be going fairly well and you're maybe even a little bit ahead of schedule?  You know, when you're casually - and perhaps a touch smugly - checking stuff through after you've finished and you suddenly realise that you've misread a small -  but crucial - part of the scenario that underpins the whole paper and you then have five frantic minutes checking back through your work and desperately scribbling out words and replacing them with other words?



I made a bit of a mess of my answer paper making the corrections, but I think I might just have got away with it.  Still it was a bit of a shock, all the same.  I suppose I should just be grateful I noticed it when I still had some time to do something about it.

Whether I did enough remains to be seen.  The pass rate is only 50% and I should be okay, and I guess I'll find out soon enough when I get the results in a couple of weeks.

That was a tough but very interesting week.  Now I'm going to put my onesie on and have a bit of a nap.

One working week to go till holiday.  My main objective now is just to shake this damn cold....

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  1. Actually, no, I've never experienced that. I test very well, even in stressful situations.

    Back in High School, I had to take the SAT to help determine if I was going to be getting a scholarship. Of course, I put it off until the last possible date I could take it. Due to an even longer story, I didn't have a photo ID, which was required to take the test. According to the SAT regulations, a description of myself on school letterhead signed by the principal would suffice, so I asked the principal, and he had me describe myself on school letterhead and he signed it.

    The SAT proctors claimed that my "ID" wasn't an ID. I told them to look at their regulations. They finally relented, but made me wait until the very last minute before allowing me entry to the test room. I barely had time to take off my coat and sit down before they said, "you may begin." While I didn't get a perfect score, I got a score high enough to qualify me for the scholarship.