Wednesday 17 April 2013

calling all in transit, calling all in transit...

I had a curry with some of my team from work this evening.  My onion bhaji came out flat like a Thai fishcake and my curry (a "special", no less) was just awful.  Conversation, however, was scintillating.  I'm not quite sure how, but we ended up talking about European music:

colleague: "Ah, but the Germans have terrible taste in music.  It's all Hasslehoff and the Scorpions"
me: "Well, what about Kraftwerk?  They're pretty good"
colleague: "Are they German?"
me: "Yes.  What part of their name or the fact that they're famous for an album called 'Autobahn' didn't give that away?"
colleague: "Ah.  Right.  Well French music is pretty awful too.  I do quite like Jacques whatsisname though"
me: "Brel?"
colleague: "Yeah.  Jacques Brel.  I like him."
me: "He was Belgian"
colleague: "Oh, and I suppose you're going to tell me that Plastic Bertrand isn't French either?"
me: "No, he's Belgian too.  Air are French though.  So are Daft Punk"
colleague: "Daft Punk are French?"
me: "Yes"
colleague: "Oh.  I thought they were German.  [pause] Do you like Queen?  I don't really like them, but there's no denying that Freddie Mercury owned Live Aid"
another colleague: "Isn't Brian May dead?  Didn't he die the other day?"
me: "No Brian May isn't dead.  I think you're confusing him with the guy from Yes who died a couple of weeks back.  And come on!  Freddie Mercury did not own Live Aid.  It wasn't Freddie who played on both sides of the Atlantic on the same day, was it?  He didn't play Wembley and then hop onto Concorde to play in Philadelphia, did he?  No.  Surely everyone knows that it was Phil Collins who owned Live Aid...."

It was that kind of a meal.

And the car park cost me £10.50 for about three-and-a-half hours.

Tsk.  It's a wonder I don't do this kind of thing more often.  The fact that I'm not invited to do this kind of thing more often is perhaps somewhat less of a surprise....

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