Wednesday 10 April 2013


I learned today that my arms are longer than most goats.

I also spent several hours in tedious meetings and received the cascade of an important piece of work from my line manager in a one line email written entirely in (nonsensical) txt spk.

But hey: my arms are longer than most goats.  Just imagine that!

When you can discover something like that, how can any day be completely wasted?


  1. That sure is one happy looking goat.

  2. Well, he's not being made into a jacket for me, so why wouldn't he be happy?

  3. Actual texts sent to me by my boss:

    "Hey can you ck to see if prooofs sent on the 2 DS that binders before the books for ship the first time"

    "Sorry but mighy be out way out"

    "Herr just walked in rebooting"

    "I cannot really readuch dominate eye"

    "I swollen shit"

    "Ok told lamve thirsting Fri"