Wednesday 5 June 2013

(time of your life)

I'm pretty sure that the walls are finally closing in on my idiot boss.  

Long overdue.  He's arrogant, destructive and ignorant.  As far as I can see he has contributed almost nothing positive in the year or so that he has been with the company and has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds delivering nothing.  He is without a shadow of a doubt the worst boss that I have ever had - by an absolute country mile.  He's so clearly out of his depth that it is probably a miracle that he has lasted this long.  He has become a standing joke with his colleagues and with his customers and his continuing presence in my department is an embarrassment.  I'm certainly embarrassed at some of the things he says to some of our most important customers. 

So why is it that I feel bad?  Why do I feel that his failure is my failure?  He's a dislikeable guy who makes it really, really difficult to help him... but even so, I feel as though I could and should have done more.  Whenever he opens his mouth and says something wrong-headed to a customer, in part at least I see this as a demonstration of my inability to get through to him and to help him.

From a work point of view, I've had a really good year: I think I've really changed the way that people look at me and I feel as though I've been able to make a real difference.  The only person I've failed to demonstrate this to?  My boss; the guy who does my reviews and influences my performance rating and pay rise.  I don't know if he just dislikes me or if he feels threatened by me or what, but I don't think he'd ask for my help or do me any favours if I was the last person on Earth.  I know I'm not to everyone's taste, but I honestly don't know what I've done to upset him.  Let's make no bones about it: my life will be a lot easier when he's gone and I will have every reason to celebrate his failure.

But I just can't.    

It's not nice to celebrate someone else's misfortune (no matter how well deserved it might be).  Besides, I can't escape the feeling that his failure is my failure.

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