Tuesday 21 January 2014

relatively speaking....

My team at work have, not surprisingly been very interested in the progress of the interviews.  They have good reason to be: the successful candidates will join them and they will spend almost every waking hour in the office working very closely together  Of course they're interested.

When I returned to my desk the other day, I was met by expectant faces hoping to get some information about who was doing well and what the candidates were like.  Of course, I'm a professional and this is a serious business that must be conducted straight down the line until the offers are made.  This much is understood.  This doesn't stop the questions:

"Were they young or old?"
"That depends upon your definition of old."
"In that case, they were young".

Age is so relative.  I've never felt that more keenly than managing a team of guys in their early twenties.

Feedback's a gift, isn't it?

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