Thursday 13 February 2014

good vibrations....

"I've just been in a meeting with someone who wanted to know what you were like as a boss"
"Oh yes.  So what did you say?"
"I said you were alright."
"Well, thanks for that.  How on earth did that come up in conversation?"
"Oh, Viv said that she'd been in a meeting with you yesterday and she said that she was just wondering what it would be like to work for you.  She says you seem nice and you look really friendly."
"Quite right.  You people have no idea how lucky you are...."

I've never thought of myself as looking particularly friendly before, and I certainly never imagined that I might convey that impression whilst talking on a tedious, obscure detail about our store intranet system to an audience of bored call centre team leaders.

Still, feedback's a gift, isn't it?

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