Wednesday 6 August 2014

the melting men....

I flicked the television on this evening when I sat down with my tea and saw that Raiders of the Lost Ark had just started on BBC3.  Obviously, I sat and watched it.  I've seen it hundreds of times, of course, but you can't flick past that, can you?

This film was made in 1981, and even though the special effects are positively Stone Age compared to what's possible today, I was watching the famous face-melting scene at the end and thinking that it's a far more effective special effect than any amount of million dollar CGI thrown at the latest Transformers movie.... because the film doesn't JUST hinge on the special effects, but has an actual plot and characters you care about and old fashioned things like that.

Then I remembered that half my team at work haven't seen this film.


Imagine that.  They all know who Nicki Minaj is (and what her fragrance smells like), but they have no idea who Indiana Jones is, and in fact they probably couldn't name a single thing Harrison Ford has done in his career.

Young people, eh?


  1. i got sucked into that on TV too!

    i actually went to see it at the ABC in Nottingham when it came out (had to close my eyes for a few bits as i was 8yrs old).

    what are they teaching these young people?

  2. worst hat of the four films. It's a stetson and it's sloppy! I saw this one in a cinema in Plymouth (where my grandparents lived) when I was about eight. Love it. Crusade tomorrow then? Is it wrong that I have these all on DVD and might set my Sky+?

  3. not at all - me and my brother saw Last Crusade at the cinema in the town where we grew up - we were probably "too old" (i know he was driving) but were both totally buzzing after the film ("we named the dog Indiana")

    excellent hat perspective on the series - that fourth film is pretty poor, however.

  4. Fourth hat might be the best in the series, although the raiders hat is tough to beat!