Wednesday 25 March 2015

for the longest time...

You've heard of Jantastic, right?  It's this thing that is supposed to encourage people to exercise at the start of the year.  You simply sign up and set some targets for what you think you want to achieve during the month.  They don't have to be stretching targets, the idea is that you give yourself something to aim at and to motivate yourself through the month of January.  It could be running, cycling or swimming.  You log your activities as you do them, and the site rewards you by giving you a score and occasionally giving you trophies for your achievements.  If you want, you can join a team.  If you're still going, you can set yourself some new targets for February.  For March too.

It's fun, simple to use and hopefully gets people moving.

It's perfectly normal that we're nearly at the end of March and that I'm still obsessively logging my runs there, right?  It's not like I'm logging the mileage of my marathon training somewhere else and that this literally serves no purpose for me because I do not require the additional motivation because I have plenty enough already.  Oh wait.  It's exactly like that.  I only joined because the guys at my running club have a team and were encouraging people to join to help their overall team.  Then it turned out they'd all joined the parkrun team instead.  Well, whatever.

I've logged 98 separate activities there so far, have 31 badges and an overall Jantastic score of 94.2.  I have no real idea what any of that means.  I'm also number one in the team where I don't know a single other person.  Thanks guys.

Will this stop me logging the remaining few activities of the month to get as close to a score of 100 as possible?  No, of course not.

I'm in no way obsessive.  No sir.  Not me.

Nope.  Definitely not.

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