Monday 13 April 2015

sugar for my honey....

We had a cake sale at running club tonight.  A few weeks ago, one of our friends there asked me if I would object if they organised one on behalf of our charity - the MS Trust.  As it happens, this kind soul is also running the London Marathon this year, in her case to raise money for a Nottingham charity that provides support for women escaping domestic violence.  It's a charity that's very close to her heart, and she's finally got to run London at the sixth attempt.... and here she was asking if she could raise money for us because she felt it was the best way of repaying us for the donations we both made to her.

I've met some amazing people through running in general and through running club in particular, but tonight was just remarkable from start to finish.  As well as Lisa organising the whole thing, a succession of people arrived for the evening's run carrying cakes they had baked especially for us, and then, when they got back, we raised something over £250 from their donations, with another cake sale happening at the run that takes place on Wednesday night on the other side of the city.

It's humbling.  It's truly humbling.

What amazing people.   Just look at the little cut-out they made to go on the collection jar, complete with tutu.

With about 12 days to go before we line up in Blackheath for the start of the longest run of our lives, there's still time to sponsor us!


Thanks to everyone who has already donated (or baked a cake) - we're well on the way to smashing our target and raising some really meaningful cash for the MS Trust.

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  1. My mum and dad were up at the weekend, and my mum brought up some cakes that she'd baked for us to take to the sale. All were splendidly received, and the mere smell of the gingerbread threw me back about 30 years....