Wednesday 31 August 2016

even when the paths are all crookedy...

As I was cycling to work this morning and enjoying the change in the seasons that was apparent in the cooler air, it occurred to me that this September marks three years since I first started commuting by bike.

It's only a little under 4 miles each way, but I've just checked back and, in that time I've covered a frankly unbelievable 4,500 miles.  Just cycling between home and work every day has racked up all those miles (and thanks to the tea leaves around here, I'm on my third bike too).  That 4,500 miles is about the distance between Nottingham and Delhi (there's a restaurant here called "4550 Miles From Delhi", but Google tells me it's actually only 4,185 miles, so.....actually I've cycled past Delihi. Would you imagine you could cycle to Delhi in 3 years?  Well, it's only 8 miles a day, so it's definitely do-able. Shall we do it?).

4,500 miles? That's mad.  I don't even really count the time as exercise, to be honest.... I've run something like 3,200 miles in the same period too.

Cycling is in the news at the moment, with Jeremy Vine posting the video of a car driver screaming abuse at him as he cycled in London... which I'm told is something that every London cyclist can relate to.  Well, that mostly just makes me feel grateful that my commute is mostly along dedicated cycle paths along the Trent.  Not much road rage along there; it's mostly geese.  That's Nottingham for you, me duck.

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