Monday 31 October 2016

papa, don't preach...

I was slightly mortified last week to be referred to as someone's "work dad".

We were chatting away over the desks about a mutual colleague's new(-ish) boyfriend.  They've been going out for a few months now and seem very happy together, which is clearly very nice.  I was first introduced to this chap at a Twenty:20 game at Trent Bridge in the summer and I was saying to my colleague how nervous he seemed.

"Well, of course he seemed nervous.  It's quite a big deal meeting someone's work dad".

I'm sorry, what?

I'm about fifteen years older than these girls, who both used to be in my team a couple of years ago. To be honest, I don't tend to think all that deeply about our friendship: they're colleagues that I used to manage and with whom I get on pretty well. I certainly don't try and define our relationship in familial terms....Work dad, though?  REALLY?

...If I have to be a part of someone's work family, wouldn't I more naturally suggest the roles of cool older brother or groovy uncle?  Work dad?  COME ON!

I quickly changed the subject to conceal my outrage.

"I still haven't forgiven your boyfriend for standing you up before your first date"
"That was three years ago"
"I know."

Work dad.  I ask you!

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